Basic Primitive Survival Skills 5 day Course

November 8-12, 2017 Basic Primitive Survival Class (instructor: Josh Hamlin)
November 8-12, 2017 Basic Primitive Survival Class (instructor: Josh Hamlin)
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November 8-12th, 2017. In this 5 day class you will learn, hands on, all the skills you need to survive comfortably in the wilderness. We will teach you how to build primitive shelters that will keep you dry and warm through the worst weather. We will show you how to start fires with the bowdrill and make sure you are proficient in even the worst conditions. You will learn how to find and purify water in any environment. You will learn how to set various traps to procure food. We will teach you what plants you can use for food or medicine. We will even teach you cordage, containers, and tools. When you complete this course, you will be proficient enough at primitive skills to walk off into the wilderness, with little or no tools, and survive indefinitely.

What to bring:

Knife, Folding saw, Paracord or Bankline, Rain gear, Tent or tarp (optional), Food

This class is taught by Josh Hamlin, owner of Dove Mountain Primitive Skills School and Primitive Skills instructor at Sigma 3 Survival School. Josh has an extensive resume including living primitively in the woods for a 2 year period of time! Check out his info at and

Day 1 we will meet at 7:45am in New Augusta, MS and travel to the training site (about a 15 minute trip). Camping will be at a National Forest Campground located 4 miles from school property. Camping is $7 per night - not included in course fee. Camping is not required in order to take the class. We will plan on ending mid day on the 12th for those who will be traveling back home that day.