Who is Black Creek Bushcraft and Survival?

Who Are We
The grandson of a sharecropper in the Florida Parishes of Louisiana, Chris Wilkes grew up learning the relationship between nature and humans in the hard working environment of the dairy farm. His family had been in that area since the late 1700's. When he wasn't working, he explored the valleys and swamps of Tangipohoa and Washington Parishes. Blessed with ancestrial heritage of self reliance, he was taught hunting, fishing, and the outdoor life. He began trapping nutrea rats as a young child. As an adult, he added other interests, becoming a NAUI Divemaster and earning Bachelors and Master Degrees at the University of Southern Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina sparked a keen interest in emergency preparedness, which grew into an ongoing study in both wilderness and urban self reliance. This learning process is proving to be a ongoing life long process. As a therapist who helps people recognize the importance of reconnecting to life in the present moment and getting away from modern distractions, Chris helps others connect with the natural world, often referred to as rewilding. Whether you grew up in the country and want to learn more about long term wilderness self reliance, or if you are new to the outdoors and want to learn basic outdoors skills, Black Creek Bushcraft and Survival is the school for you!